Calculating Basic Metrics

In addition to making charts, it is also possible to calculate metrics using the same Pandas dataframes that I used before. This notebook calculates the average and median glucose value for every day in the exported data. It does also calculates the minimum and maximum glucose value. The two images below show sample output of the notebook. The first picture is the kind of table that the code will produce and the second image is a chart that shows glucose data from multiple days and also has a horizontal line at the position of the average glucose value calculated over all measurements in the dataset.

One note of caution about those numbers, the code does not check if a day has a full 24 hours of measurements. If some data is missing for a day, that day may not be comparable with to other days! This is likely the case for the first and the last day of the data export, unless you are editing the export.csv file and remove the data for partial days. Also, the notebook is not smart enough to know if you have just changed the sensor and thus should ignore the first hours of measurements. So what I am saying is, you have to know how to interpret the data correctly and in what context!

Table of Glucose Metrics

Multi Day Glucose Measurements

All the notebooks are available from my Github repository and here is a direct download link for just this notebook.