Data Export and Manual Calibration (Update!)

(Please see an update here . Below is the original text.)

After changing my sensor a couple of days ago, I noticed that my glucose was way off, compared to the readings with the prior sensor. After two days of watching the high glucose values and getting great advice from one of the NutriSense registered dietitians, I used a normal glucose meter to check my blood glucose vs. what NutriSense was reporting. I noticed it was off by 22 mg/dL. NutriSense would report a value of 108 mg/dL while the glucose meter would report 86 mg/dL. I decided to go into the settings for the sensor and change the Manual Calibration setting to -20 mg/dL. I verified the reading by doing another test 12 hours later and now the NutriSense app and the blood glucose meter were within 2 mg/dL. Great!

Later that same day, I started a data export. When I was making charts, I noticed that they looked very different to the charts in the NutriSense app and discovered that the data export is providing the raw readings from the sensor, not taking the Manual Calibration setting into account! The data export does not contain any information about the Manual Calibration setting, so it would be impossible to produce the correct charts. What the data export does contain, but only if you record your glucose meter reading manually in the NutriSense app, is a new record of class BloodGlucoseMeasurement. This could be used to calculate what Manual Calibration may be set to. At any rate… this is something to keep in mind if you are using the exported data for your own analysis.

Image Credit Klaus Nielsen via Pexel