Update on Data Export and Manual Calibration

In a post in August I had concluded that the data export from NutriSense does not take manual calibration settings into account. This made it hard to reproduce the charts of the NutriSense app, if you had configured a manual calibration setting for a sensor. Now I have an update on this topic.

After inquiring with NutriSense support about this, I was assured that the exported data does take manual calibration into account. So I tried again, and sure enough, the exported data now seems to correctly apply the manual calibration. I can only assume that this was changed in the last month… or maybe that there was a specific issue with my app not syncing the manual calibration properly, when I had done a data export in August.

At any rate, it is always a good idea to double check that you are not just producing beautiful charts, but also use the correct data in the chart. :-)

Image Credit Klaus Nielsen via Pexel