Adding Garmin Step Data to the Chart

After using Garmin data to add run activities to the chart , this notebook goes a step further and adds Garmin step data to the chart. Garmin step data will of course only be useful for people who wear a Garmin watch all day, and not just for tracking activities. I consider steps a good overall metric of how active I was during a day. Seeing the steps in parallel to the glucose measurements makes it possible to identify activities like walks and get a general feeling about how active I was during the day. You can use the NutriSense app to track walks, but sometimes you are taking a walk just by rushing from one meeting to the next in different building, and that would be reflected in your Garmin step data while it may not be something that you track within the NutriSense app.

The Garmin step data is available for 15 minute periods. So what can easily be plotted is a bar graph where the height of a bar represents the steps walked in 15 minutes. And the sum across all 15 minute periods would represent the total number of steps for the day. The chart below is my first attempt to plot both the glucose data and the step data in the same chart. The step data is using the secondary y-axis. Adding step data to the chart makes for a very busy chart.

Chart with Events

As you can see from the output of the notebook below, Garmin does already categorize each 15 minute period by the perceived activity level. There seem to be different values that the column primaryActivityLevel can have, such as sedentary, active and highlyActive. There is also another column of interest in the data called activityLevelConstant. In the future, I could explore how to add that data to the chart as well, rather than using raw step count for each 15 minute period.

All the notebooks are available from my Github repository and here is a direct download link for just this notebook.