Adding Garmin Run Data to the Chart

This notebook is about adding data from Garmin Connect to the glucose chart. If you are using a Garmin watch to track your running/biking/other activities, then this notebook is for you. In other notebooks I had added the exercise data that is tracked within the NutriSense app to the chart. But lets face it, if you are already in the Garmin ecosystem and you track your activities with Garmin, why duplicate the information by tracking the same activities within the NutriSense app? This notebook charts the NutriSense data in the same way as the notebook presented here , but “discards running activities” from the NutriSense data export and adds running activities from Garmin.

The notebook uses the python GarminConnect package to connect to Garmin Connect and retrieve activities, so if you want to use this notebook, you need to have an account on the Garmin Connect website . In the code below, you should replace USERID and PASSWORD with your information.

Please note that the code retrieves all activities from Garmin Connect, but only adds activities of type running to the chart. Feel free to extend the code to also consider other activity types. The code further retrieves the length and title of the run and adds that as a label for the activity.

I am currently working on a way to add step count information to the chart. I consider steps a good overall metric of how active I was during a day. If I could see the steps in parallel to the glucose measurements, this would give me a good indication of how walks influence my blood glucose.

Chart with Events

All the notebooks are available from my Github repository and here is a direct download link for just this notebook.