Exporting NutriSense Data

Before even signing up for NutriSense, I verified that the glucose measurement data could be exported. I was pleased to find that in the release notes for the app update of October 2019 NutriSense described new functionality that made it possible to export all data. The document states that the data will be provided in CSV format via email.

After signing up for NutriSense and trying a first data export, I can now confirm that the data indeed is very usable and contains almost all the information that is available through the NutriSense app. As far as I can see, the only data points missing are the nutritional information of each meal. The photos that are associated with the meals are provided using an AWS S3 link which requires authentication and thus is not accessible. But all the major data points are available in the exported.

Here is a sample of what the CSV file looks like:

Example CSV Data